Discover The True Power Of Shu-Cheen’s Charm By Watching Her Perform Here. 


These small videos provide a wonderful opportunity to sample her breathtakingly beautiful voice of as well as witness her shimmering performance energy.    


Her ability to transport you to ancient China moves people to tears and provides a window into the long tradition of Chinese folk history.


It is a delight to experience her live in action -  you can now through these short videos:


Golden Days Radio Interview

October 2013



SBS Radio Mandarin Group Interview

January 2014

Click here to listen via the SBS website


Top 3 ‘Must See’ Videos With Shu-Cheen Yu


1. Shu-Cheen Yu: Alleluia – Mozart
Alleluia –Motette "Exsultate, jubilate" - Mozart.  Shu Cheen Yu, Soprano - Michael Charles Clark, Conductor 



2. You and Me Beijing Olympic Song
Performed in celebration of the PRC's 61st anniversary with Shu - Cheen Yu in Perth.



3. Shu-Cheen Yu - art.afterhours 23-02-11
CELEBRITY TALK in association with The First Emperor: China's entombed warriors.



These videos play Shu-Cheen’s beautiful voice while showing some lovely scenery.


For a taste of the title song of the Lotus Moon CD listen to:


Shu-Cheen Yu: The Lotus Song                          
The Lotus Song by Hwang Zi (1904-1938), 
arranged by Julian Yu, Soprano :Shu-Cheen Yu


To conclude: listen to Shu-Cheen singing the Caccini’s Ave Maria:


Shu-Cheen Yu: Ave Maria - Caccini
Caccini's Ave Maria arranged by Julian Yu, 
Soprano: Shu-Cheen Yu, Sinfonia Australis




Shu-Cheen Yu: Danny Boy

Preview of upcoming CD



Other Tracks by Shu-Cheen Yu




Plasir D'amour