Shu-Cheen Yu:  From Sydney to Shanghai, New York To New Zealand – One Thing Is Clear - Everyone Loves Shu-Cheen.


Read some of the audience messages that Shu-Cheen’s fans have written.  You can also write your own message by clicking here.


I went to your concert; it's a really beautiful experience. You are at the top level of Chinese sopranos. You are our nation's pride.  The way you sing and describe the Chinese songs are lively and just right. Your "Ave Maria" is the best version I've ever heard, I like it very much.  Congratulations!  -  Chen Chunmei, Cultural Consul of People's Republic of China


When you started to sing my chest swelled up and my eyes started to water, they were this way until you finished the performance, I thought that I had recovered when you returned once again and exactly the same thing happened again.  YOU ARE FANTASTIC.  -  Aff 


Thank you for such an exhilarating performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre - it was passionately moving and highly entertaining. You amaze me continuously with your talent and your artistry. -  Warren


This was the third time I heard you sing - What endear you to your audience is your spontaneity, charm, warmth and composure. These are great qualities and bring down the barriers between yourself and your listeners. We feel at ease and are 'with you'. Also your great virtuosity, prolific memory (never a slip), clear articulation whether in Italian, French or German and your emotional depth and maturity. With my deep esteem and best wishes to you.  - Peter


The memory of your beautiful singing will stay with me always. The first time I heard you sing when you were checking the acoustics sound, suddenly made me cry. Those wonderful Chinese folk songs have been a real education for me. I have never been to China and had heard very little music from there. I could feel in your joyous singing the many different cultures in such a vast country as China, and also our common humanity. It is a wonderful gift that you have. - Judy


Thanks very much again for the dream evening.  Couldn't sleep all night.  Your singing was exceptional. -  Yan


Thank you for a magnificent performance! Beyond expectation!Leon